S Serie

Serie S

The relays of the S series combine the semplicity in programming with a high degree of reliability and flexibility. Designed in accordance with Italian and International standards, the S  serie devices are housed inside plastic cases suitable for various kinds of assembly (flush, projecting or 19" - 4U rack mounting). Some of these products shall be no more available.

SCC    SCF    SHG    SIG    SKC    SSG    STR    SVR   



The first complete analog relay family from Thytronic. A line of protective relays made by modular systems for protection of production and distribution electrical plants. Since a lot of analog components are not available on the international electronic market only a few Denova relays are actually in production.

DAU    DCL    DFR    DHC    DHL    DIB    DIC    DID    DIG    DIK    DIL    DIP    DIS    DIT    DIZ    DKG    DKT    DMA    DMA400    DSB    DSH    DSI    DSO    DSP    DSQ    DST    DSX    DTB    DTR    DUB    DUD    DUF    DUH    DUK    DUN    DUS    DVB    DVD    DVE    DVH    DVK    DVL    DVR    DVS   

Other products

Products not included in any family. Since a lot of analog components are not available on the international electronic market only a few of these products are actually in production.
APM/2D APM/2    APM/3    APM14 Power Analyzer    APM14D    APM22D    APM4    AR-CO    BFO    DCL    Display    ISOLMED    PP-SP    PT1 - PT2    PT3 - PT4    QR-MA - QR    SIF5600    SVF5740    SVF5940    T110P-T200P    TADK-1    ThySensor    TIS    V-Sensor