iGrid is the solution for all automation, supervision and control technologies of energy network, ensuring maximum scalability, from small distribution substations to complex electrical transmission systems.

iGrid line includes:
• iControl, SCADA plant surveillance software
• iRTU, remote control unit with RTU, Gateway and BCU functions.
• iGW communication gateway with IP network communication.
• iRTUe Expansion Auxiliary Modules


The automation of the power grid requires the use of SCADA systems  for  local  and  remote  control  of  each  substation  or generation  plant.  iControl  application  can  be  adapted  to  any customer  need,  from  small  substations  to  complete  grids, always working on a same environment.

iControl  is  specially  designed  for  the  energy  sector,  with  a simple  interface  for  its  operation  and  configuration,  fitting  on any  utility  control  need,  regardless  of  the  communication protocol,  the  type  of  RTU  to  connect  to,  or  the  architecture (standalone,  client/server  or  redundant),  thanks  to  the  use  of several  standard  protocols  which  allow  the  complete interoperability between vendors.

iRTU e iGW
A distributed control architecture based on iRTU  telecontrol units and iGW  complies  with the basis  of scalability  and  modularity,  providing  a  complete  solution  open  to  any  technology  and communication media.
iRTU and iGW Series  products may perform different  functions within a facility based  on  their  configuration:  they  are  able  to  operate  as  Remote  Terminal  Units  (RTU),  as a BCU (bay control unit) or as concentrators of data from other devices (gateways) towards a master station, SCADA and remote control centers for all power generation, Transmission and Distribuition applications, at any voltage level.
Are available the most popular communication protocol, as IEC60870 -5- 101/102/103/104, IEC61850 (client/server), Modbus RTU/TCP, DNP3.0 (serial and TCP), DLMS, Procome and Pro bus DP.

The M0 & M1 series products are equipped with an internal dual-SIM 3G/GSM/GPRS modem which is controlled by the iRTU/iGW  firmware. The use of dual-SIM allows working with two different communications operators, in order to have a backup network in case the main one fails.

iRTUe devices are auxiliary equipment for the iGW and iRTU remote units that allow expansion of their acquisition and command capabilities in order to suit
the requirements of each application and facility.
iRTUe  units  are  equipped  with  one  serial  port  (EXP422  port)  for  communication with iRTU & iGW units and other iRTUe I/O modules via RS422 flat cable.
Each iRTUe auxiliary unit includes up to two I/O cards.