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This session gathers all common questions from who is contacting Thyeast. It is daily updated, so read it before making an inquiry to the technical stuff.
If you would like to receive a response to a particular question, herewith not listed, please go to the Contacts page and select the appropriate department to contact. However, we read them and use your suggestions to improve our site.

  1. I need to prepare a setting file "Off line", from zero. Can I do it or have I to be connected?

  2. I've a setting file on my PC. How can I send to the relay?

  3. How can I download on my PC the setting of a ProN?

  4. Are the output contacts polarized?

  5. Can I carry out a protective relay network?

  6. Can I use any output relay for logic selectivity?

  7. Have you a supervisory and control software for managing a relay network?

  8. How can I program a ModBus communication?

  9. How can I program a ProN relay as a PLC?

  10. How can I recognize the firmware version?

  11. I have to carry out a High impedance restricted earth fault protection, 87NHIZ. May I use NA10?

  12. If I have more than one PC how many PLC or Oscillographic licenses do I need?

  13. If I have more than one relay how many PLC or Oscillographic licenses do I need?

  14. Is the Oscillographic function free?

  15. Is ThySetter a free software?

  16. Why cannot I connect to the relay?